The New York IT Club is a student run IT community resource. Our goal is to help others with technology, whether that be by taking in unused devices, by repairing/refurbishing/upgrading other people's devices for a low cost, by teaching students how computers work and how to fix them, or donating devices to students and non-profits who need them the most.

What We Do


We receive donations from awesome people (Like you!) and we repair and refurbish them to get them ready to be donated to students in need.


We provide free IT services to all of New York. We can repair your device, make it faster, and more for free*. We also donate devices to students and non-profits in need.


We provide club meetings at several locations, where participants learn how computers work, what we do to them, and how we make the devices better.

How You Can Help

As a nonprofit providing free services, we rely on the generous contributions of our community. All of our events and repairs are only possible with the sustained financial support of our generous donors.

By donating a computer, you directly help a family in need by giving them access to the awesome benefits of technology. Even if it's broken, that's okay - we can still repair and donate it.

We can always use a helping hand. When you volunteer, you not only help out your community, but you also improve your own computational skills and knowledge.