The New York IT Club provides services to its residents. We do, however, need helping hands. If you're a middle or high school student interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) then you're in the right place to get the experience and knowledge to pursue your passion. At The New York IT Club you will learn how everything from phones to PCs work and how to repair them. You will also learn vital life skills like how to organize Chrome tabs, how to type, and how to take care of your computer.

Learn more about what you will do at club meetings by clicking here.

The open positions are below.

Open Positions

Note: these are NYS roles ONLY. For organization-wide roles, go to this link.

School Branch Director

  • Work with VP of Growth and Outreach (and if regional director exists for area, they help too) to establish an IT Club at a local school or at a local library, market the club meetings, and run the meetings in accordance with The IT Club guidelines.

  • Work with Event Director to organize engaging events that benefit The IT Club (raffles, challenges, bake sale, etc)

  • Work with NY Branch Director and VP of Growth and Outreach to receive donations from the region and find recipients for donations

  • Raises awareness for The IT Club via working with the media, organizing events, etc.

Regional Branch Director

  • Helps establish school branches by working with the VP of Growth and Outreach and the School Branch Director.

  • Organize, lead, and develop strategies for positive awareness, fundraising, more donations, more volunteers, and more locations.

VP of Growth and Outreach

  • Develop and implement strategy in attracting computer donations from individuals and corporations from around the nation, including Nextdoor, Facebook, etc.

  • Develop and execute strategy to identify potential recipients for our refurbished computers, which including but not limited to school districts and nonprofit organization that serves under-served students

  • Work with the NY Branch Director to establish School Branches and find suitable directors for said branches.

VP of Marketing and Communication

  • Works to get The IT Club featured in the media.

  • Manages media relations.

  • Create and launch press releases and marketing campaigns

  • Ensuring quality control of all information released.

  • Creates a brand image.

  • Manages the website.

  • Organizes speaker events, both nationwide and local.

Event Director

  • Coordinate engaging events that raises money for The IT Club and/or promotes The IT Club in a positive, meaningful way.

  • Works with Regional/School Branch Directors.


We need many volunteers to collect computer donations, refurbish computers, and contact the media, under-served students, and other nonprofits. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, any volunteer hours contributed towards The IT Club are eligible for the President's Volunteer Service Award.