Donate Devices

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Donate a computer to students in need

By donating a computer, you directly help a family in need by giving them access to the awesome benefits of technology. Even if it's broken, that's okay - we can still repair and donate it. We disinfect all devices and securely erase all data on them among other services, so your personal data is safe.

We accept computer donations of all ages and in any condition - it doesn't matter if there are missing keycaps, a cracked screen, or loud fan, among other issues. The computers don't even have to be in one piece--we can rapidly repair, reset, and donate devices that have arrived to us in even the worst condition. Even if a computer is too old to refurbish, it's still quite useful as parts to upgrade other devices with.

Our data security guarantee

A valid concern that many of our donors have is about the data contained in the device. As part of our standard refurbishment process, we securely erase and destroy all data on every device donated to The IT Club, and we follow a strict series of requirements to absolutely ensure maximum data security compliant with the military- and enterprise-grade DoD 5520.22-M standard. Before donation, we can also provide you with instructions to securely erase data yourself as an extra measure (though we still erase the drives again as part of our standard procedure). If you live close to one of our branches, we can return the drives immediately upon donation, ensuring that the data remains in your possession.