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About our repairs

If you'd like to have us work on a device, simply fill out this request form. We'll email you as quickly as possible to schedule a repair. We have years of experience under our belts, but there are some devices that are not repairable (or are very hard to repair) due to their design. For a list of such devices, please see our FAQ. If the device in question is one of those listed, we may need to decline the requested repair, charge a substantially higher parts cost (since many components must be replaced as a single unit), or increase our service fee due to the increased time and cost of consumables spent on the device. Fortunately, outside of newer Apple devices, this is a rare occurrence, and chances are your device can be easily serviced.

Minor repairs, like replacing thermal paste, are free and we will rely on donations for those. However, for part replacements or upgrades (like CPU, RAM, or graphics cards), we will bill you the cost of the component, since these are too expensive to be covered by donations.

Request Devices For Students

After submitting the form

Once you fill out the form below, we'll provide you with a computer that is suitable for education and office work. It'll come pre-configured with a fresh operating system installation, internet browser, antivirus, and will be optimized for privacy and performance. We also provide free support for these computers, and we can help with any issues that may arise.